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The trees' way

karácsonyfa ültetés

Planting pine trees

We plant our saplings into well-prepared soil extinguished of weed and pest. We use a good quality mother spawn.

karácsonyfa gondozás

Plant protection, extinguishing weed

As a consequence of intense care of the plantations the pine tree stock is healthy and has an excellent quality.

karácsonyfa metszés

Snipping of the trees

In order to plant high quality Christmas trees, we snip them to form and correct their shapes.

karácsonyfa jelölés

Signing (/Labeling /Marking)

Each pine tree to be cut is signed with a colorful strip according to the unified signing system. The colorful strip shows the quality class and the size of the Christmas tree.

karácsonyfa vágás

Cutting out

We time and schedule the cutting which we start at the end of November and we adjust it to the transport plan.

karácsonyfa hálóba csomagolás

Putting into net

Packing the trees into nets is a quick, gentle and modern packing method. Each pine tree is put into net one by one.

karácsonyfa előkészítése szállításhoz

Preparation for transport

We transport the cut out pine trees from the plantation to our distribution center which is easily approachable. We put together each order according to the ordered items and prepare them for transportation.

karácsonyfa palettázás


In order to have more effective loading, transport and storage we put the trees on pallets (special Christmas tree wooden pallets) on request, according to their types and sizes.

karácsonyfa szállítás


We load the palletized pine trees on vehicles with a forklift trailer or loose cargo is loaded by hands sophisticatedly.

Types of the trees

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Spruce (picea abies)