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Nordmann fir sales from wholesaler

FenyőFarm Wholesale is the largest Nordmann fir wholesaler in the area. We take great care of the plants in our plantations, so we can offer our retailers quality Christmas trees every year. We do not only sell traditional spruces, as a wholesaler we also offer our retailers imported trees in addition to our own production. One of these is Nordmann, which comes to us directly from Denmark.

Nordmann fir sales from wholesaler

Are you a reseller looking for large quantities of pine trees for Christmas? Then choose Nordmann Pine Wholesale, where you can buy quality pine trees directly from the producer. You can't complain about expertly cared for trees.

In addition to our own production, we also import Nordmann pines from Denmark. Premium quality pine trees are available in a variety of sizes and qualities, as we have excellent relationships with Danish producers. So if you are looking to buy larger quantities of Nordmann pines, then FenyőFarm is the perfect choice for your retail store.

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Nordmann fir that will keep looking good all Christmas long!

Nordmann fir is an increasingly popular choice for families, as it is unrivalled in both beauty and durability. They are known and loved almost everywhere in Europe, but their reputation has also spread to the USA. With its excellent needle-resistant properties, there is perhaps no better choice for the holidays if you don't want to vacuum several times a day.

Anyone can be dazzled by a Nordmann fir this Christmas, which, with proper care, will ensure freshness as well as good looks. This species has a longer lifespan than any other fir, so it can decorate the home for a long time.

Its big advantage is that it is not as prickly as its counterparts and dries out more slowly, making it a great choice for families who may have allergies to certain aromas. Because nordmann lacks fragrance, anyone can enjoy its company. The glossy deep green leaves, beautiful shape and density make this pine truly unique.

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The price of nordmann trees

The price of nordmann pines depends on several factors, mainly size and type. You can buy a Christmas tree from our wholesaler from 1500 HUF. The prices include both cutting, netting and loading. However, we do not offer delivery, we only pick up the ordered quantity at our Budapest location. Pick-up is possible in Budapest and Csurgo, only by appointment.

Choose FenyőFarm wholesale, because you and your customers will not be disappointed with the Nordmann pines available from us.

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