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Spruce sales from wholesaler

FenyőFarm is the largest spruce wholesaler in the region. We carefully nurture our plantations to ensure that you can purchase quality Christmas trees from our wholesalers every year. Our prices are reasonable and our range is very wide, so you won't be disappointed.

Spruce sales from wholesalers

Want to buy spruce in larger quantities? Then choose from FenyőFarm, where you can order quality species directly from the producer. All our plants are expertly cared for, which allows us to grow year after year.

We sell our spruce from wholesalers, as this species is considered a traditional pine. It grows faster than any other, so it becomes a Christmas tree sooner than silver fir and Norway spruce, which is why it does not need a long time to grow. This is because it is available at a lower price, as it sheds its needles quickly, and unfortunately few people choose it for Christmas. However, nothing can replace its fragrance, it is the real Christmas tree if you want a real pine tree.

The average size of a spruce tree is between 1.4 and 2.7 metres, but there are of course smaller and larger varieties.

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Spruce as a classic Christmas tree

Spruce is one of the most commonly chosen types of fir, as it is easy to grow and has no special soil requirements, making it an excellent choice for those who don't want to spend too much on a Christmas tree. As a retailer, it's important to find trees that you can actually sell. Here you have the opportunity to do this, as there has been a huge interest in spruce for decades and this is not expected to change.

It's almost the only species that can give you the real Christmas spirit, so it's a popular choice for the festive season. Its shape is graceful and regular, while its needle leaves are bright. However, its freshness is very important, as its needles dry out more quickly than those of the Nordmann, for example, so that trees bought from unreliable sources will not be able to admire their beauty for long.

However, you can buy only quality trees from the wholesale FenyőFarm to your retailer, so customers will not be disappointed with the trees you buy there. The dense branches, the beautiful dark green colour and the real classic pine scent will make all your pines look and smell like a real pine.

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The price of spruce

The price of spruce trees can vary, as it depends on both type and size. Buy a Christmas tree from a large garden from 1500 HUF! The prices include cutting, netting and stocking. However, we do not offer delivery, we only deliver to the Budapest site. Pick-up is therefore possible in the capital and Csurgo by prior arrangement.

Choose FenyőFarm Wholesale as your reseller - you will not be disappointed with us!

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